NBRM (New Bio-research Medicine/New Bio-research Lab) is designed and installed
laboratory for development of  full  human therapeutic antibody and cancer immune
therapy by adoptive immune cell (ACT-CAR T) drugs. NBRM has been formed in
2006 by several pharmaceutical industry veterans, who had over tens years experiences
at BMS, J&J, Merck, Novatis, Pfizer, and Genetech etc in the field of human antibody
drug and cancer immune therapy R&D. We aim to become a  fully integrated
pharmaceutical company with development and commercialization infrastructure in
global. NBRM began with the development of a single human antibody at Scientific
Research Area nearby Princeton University in New Jersey at beginning. Since then,  
NBRM has  successfully  developed  several  human monoclonal antibodies and
anti-cancer adoptive immune cell candidates against  most common cancer diseases
simultaneously at the Science Center in the University of Pennsylvania and Cambridge
Currently, NBRL is located at Cambridge in Boston and backed by the cutting edge
research technology success at Academic (Harvard University and MIT) and big
bio-pharmaceutical  industry for generation of innovative human therapeutic antibody and
adoptive immune cells (ACT and CAR-T) against the most common and life threatening
cancer diseases.
840 Memorial Drive                                  
Cambridge, MA 02139
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